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17.09.2019 00:00

Уведомляем о том,  что в настоящее время   в  Системе «Интернет-Банкинг»  возможны ошибки при проведении операций по конвертации и конверсии валют. 
О восстановлении работоспособности функционала сообщим дополнительно. Приносим извинения за причиненные неудобства.

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17.09.2019 00:00

Уведомляем Вас о том, что функционал по проведению операции конвертация и конверсия валют в Системе «Интернет-Банкинг»  в настоящий момент доступен.

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16.09.2019 00:00

В связи с проведением технических работ 22.09.2019г. с 01:30 часов до 05:55   Система «Интернет-Банкинг» будет недоступна. Приносим извинения за причиненные неудобства. 

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06.09.2019 00:00

В связи с проведением технических работ 05.09.2019г. с 12:30 часов до 13:30 возможно возникновение ошибок при входе  в Систему «Интернет - Банкинг» ( Приносим извинения за причиненные неудобства.

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03.09.2019 00:00

В связи с проведением технических работ 03.09.2019г. с 12:30 часов до 13:30 возможно возникновение ошибок при входе  в Систему «Интернет - Банкинг» мобильное приложение «Starbusiness». Приносим извинения за причиненные неудобства.


High reliability

Effectiveness and promptness thanks to cutting-edge technologies

Access to Standard, Light and Mobile versions of Internet Banking System

Access to various IBS versions

Deposit opening

Provision of deposit-related services, such as opening and closing of deposit accounts

User-friendly interface

Nice adaptive cross-browser design for ease of operations

24/7 intrabank transfers

Opportunity to get mini account statements

SMS-notification and Email-notification services

SMS-notification and Email-notification services available 24/7

Internet Banking System

Internet Banking system version


Light IBS and Mobile IBS versions do not allow sending payments to the Bank, because an EDS has to be used in the system to send e-documents. Payments in KZT, applications for transactions in foreign currency can be sent to the Bank in the standard IBS version only with the use of EDS.LIGHT IBS ( is a light version of the Internet Banking System that does not require an EDS and provides bank services with the use of dynamic identification means (ОТР-card, ОТР-token). Light IBS and Standard IBS have absolutely identical interfaces. This version is very convenient for those company users who do not send to the Bank, but only create and import payment documents, applications and generate reports on bank accounts, etc.


Mobile IBS - ( - access from smartphones or tablets only) – is a mobile version of the Internet Banking System enabling a user to control accounts connected to the system through any mobile device (smartphone, tablet);

Useful Links

About Internet Banking at

About Internet Banking at

Video tutorials

Video tutorials for legal entities on how to work in the Internet Banking System


Tariffs in PDF


download Links

Online Consultant

Online Consultant


Guideline for obtainment of EDS with the use of KAZTOKEN


Instructions for clearing Browser cache

Kaztoken device drivers

Kaztoken device drivers

Mac OS

Link to Kaztoken driver for Mac OS X

Библиотека внешней обработки 1C

Библиотека внешней обработки 1C

Руководство Пользователя по регистрации ЭЦП НУЦ в СИБ

Руководство Пользователя по регистрации ЭЦП НУЦ в СИБ

Общая информация 1C

Общая информация 1C

Available mobile apps

Download for your mobile devices

Additional features

For ease of operations in the Internet Banking System, JSC Bank CenterCredit has expanded the system functionalities and improved its design. Now, users are able:

  • to use the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Apple Safari 4+ (Windows), Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+, Opera 12+
  • no special Kazakh Language driver is needed for operation
  • to download an account statement in PDF and Excel (XLS) formats
  • minimum time for the banks acceptance of payments, immediate refund in case of an error
  • extended time for acceptance of payments to other banks
  • to get a mini account statement
  • to add payment orders as per the type of payment selected
  • to import payments in UTF-8 encoding (Kazakh language symbols supported)
  • to import/export 1C software payments
  • to generate a consolidated account statement in terms of branches, if subscribed to the centralized servicing (manage company branches)
  • to copy payment orders
  • to create shortcut links
  • to get connected and receive a statement on POS-terminal contracts
  • to get a certificate of tax withheld from a deposit (for legal entities)
  • to work in the system in 3 languages – Kazakh, Russian, English
  • to create payment templates
  • to issue a corporate debit card
  • to send an Application for corporate credit card issue
  • to make 24/7 intrabank transfers with the current value date. Types of payments: Transfers within BCC network, Replenishment of corporate card accounts opened with BCC, Standard replenishment of card accounts
  • opened with BCC additional phishing protection

Joint Stock Company "Bank CenterCredit" established september 19, 1988 year and is one of the first commercial banks of Kazakhstan.

BCC actively participates in almost all state support programs for entrepreneurship. According to the Results of 2015, BCC was awarded the title of "Best Bank for Loan Subsidies in 2014 In the Framework of the Mono-City Development Program for 2012-2020 Years". Also BCC is the Leader in the Number of Signed Guarantee Agreements of the "Damu Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development" JSC "Within the framework of the Business Road Map 2020".

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